Discernment and Volition: Two Aspects of Politeness

Bikhtiyar Omar Fattah


This study is titled "Discernment and Volition: Two aspects of politeness". It aims at examining two problematic concepts (Discernment and Volition) by presenting how they have been considered in the politeness studies and how they can be enriched with new senses that can enable them to be applicable in all languages.

This study consists of seven sections. At the very beginning, it gains deeper insight into the concepts of Discernment and Volition to be critically reconsidered. Then, it compares them to their closest concepts politic and Polite to present the points of similarities and differences between them. After that, both Discernment-dominated and Volitional dominated cultures will be considered.  This study also moves on to identifying the elements that constitute Discernment, and those that constitute volitional interactions, as well as clarifying the process of their interpretation within the context. Finally, this study comprehensively introduces the methodology that can work for examining Discernment and Volition, clarifies the process of data collection and illustrates the process of data analysis.  


Discernment, Volition, Culturally-recommended utterances, Honorifics, and Rationality.

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