Barriers Affecting the Production of Dissertation - based Scientific Products of the Students

Mohammad Reza Farhadpoor


This study aimed to investigate the barriers affecting the dissertation - based scientific products of the graduate students of Islamic Azad University, Science & Research Branch, Khuzestan. This is a descriptive survey. The statistical sample included 380 graduate students of the educational subgroups that were selected using the stratified method. The reliable researcher-developed questionnaire (α=0.8) was administered and 296 questionnaire were responded (return: 78%) and were analyzed using SPSS- 21. The data analysis using Friedman test showed the most important barriers affecting the dissertation based scientific that are as follow: time limit for paper presentation (M=7.6), lack of support and help from supervisors and advisors (M=6.66), cultural poverty (cultural poverty of the study=6.58), unfamiliarity with English language and other languages (M=6.03), reluctance and lack of interest (M=5.91), uncertainty of the results and findings (M=5.9).



Scientific Products, Graduate Students, Islamic Azad University, Student Dissertation, Dissertation - based Scientific Products.

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