Organizational Citizenship Behavior and its Relationship with Personnel Organizational Performance of Customs in the West Azerbaijan Province

Hasan Ahmadnejad, Bahman Kurd


This research has been done with the purpose of analyzing the organizational citizenship behavior and its relationship with personnel organizational performance of customs in the west Azerbaijan Province. To achieve this goal, 254 employees were selected by simple random sampling method. This paper has descriptive and correlational based on data’s collection and through questionnaire on organizational citizenship behavior and organizational performance data was collected. Results showed that there is a significant relation between organizational citizenship behavior and organizational performance. So that the dimensions of respect, dignity, altruism, civic virtue, conscientiousness and sportsmanship and there is a significant positive relationship and be able to 6/24 percentage explain organizational performance. Also, the relation between altruism and conscientiousness were observed more degrees of organizational performance. So, with the exception of chivalry component, all components of organizational citizenship behavior, especially altruism and conscientiousness has significant role 


Altruism, Work Ethic, Civic Virtue, Sportsmanship, Civility, Organizational Performance, Customs Staff.

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