Reviewing inner city transport system with the sustainability approach (Case study of Marvdasht)

Ali Estakhr, Saeid Estakhr, Alireza Abdollahzadeh Fard


Transport has always been one of the most important factors affecting the structure of cities. But particularly in the last century with the development of motor vehicles and increasing demographic changes has become one of the main problems, of urbanization. The development of urban transport lead to messages, such as increasing rates of traffic accidents, excessive consumption of fossil fuels, pollutants produced of damaging human health and the environment and the huge cost caused by these items. Therefore, increasing demand for the development of the transport sector as one of the fundamental pillars of development reinforces the need for the sustainable transportation. In this regard, identification and prioritization of development sustainable policies of inner city transport is very important. So this question arises that with what model in best way can be analyzed and reviewed the situation. And by recognition of its potentials and limitations be used the best planning for better use of space. Therefore, this study by using survey method, field studies and determining the strengths points, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by swot method provides strategies to improve inner city transport in the city of Marvdasht. Analysis of the obtained data on the situation of inner city transportation of the Marvdasht has known the confirmation of that; the highest value obtained in the state of inner city Marvdasht transportation the is related to defensive strategy (WT) and with the final capture value of 0.367. It seems that suggestions presented in this study are efficient in decision-making of the inner city transportation operators to achieve sustainable transportation.



inner city transportation, sustainable transportation, the strategic factor analysis, Marvdasht.  

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