A Review of Justice and Citizenship Rights

Alli Zalaghi


One of the topics that has been showing off more and more among nations in the recent years beside the growth of societies and them being civilized ، is topics related to citizenship rights because by development of the rights the path toward creation of justice and discipline will be smoother and easier. In a simple view ، what is meant by Citizenship rights، is all the rights that every member of a society should own and benefit from it. Citizen is a member of a political society who benefits from rights which in contract the membership duties are preserved and has rights and responsibilities. the mentioned rights include individual ,group and social rights that each of them need to be explained ,which the most prominent one is meeting preliminary needs including freedom, education, sanitation, treatment and etc. human has rights, obligation and responsibility  and it is because of the responsibility that he should consider society, too. This is where sociability should be regarded as an integral part of human being. Justice is the main and the most important result of getting familiar and developing the rights of citizenship. For instance, by creating justice men will not be able to harass women in the family and force them, or society is obligated to prepare the condition for every people and social groups by every ethnic to express themselves. For example, a simple worker can get his right from his employer easily or a person inhabiting village, in every corner of the country, will be able to make use of his primarily rights easily.

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