Investigating the effect of motivators for shop space on buyer behavior at the point of purchase (the case study of Sanandaj Refah store)

Hamid Reza Tajnesaei, Hiva Farooqi, Omid Mahdieh


The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of store space motivators on the buyers’ behavior according to the presence of Indicator mediators of Emotional- Perceptual at the point of purchase and the role of moderating the demographic variable. This research is applied in terms of nature and is in the cluster of descriptive researches and is cross sectional in terms of temporal. The statistical population includes the buyers of Sanandaj Refah store. 400 questionnaires has distributed among them. The IBM SPSS 20 and LISREL software have been used to review data and analyze the hypotheses .The results shows all the hypotheses identified in this study research and finally confirmation of the effect of store space motivators on the done behaviors of buyer at the point of buy. Also the investigations show that Indicator of age and gender from the   indicators of demographic variable as moderating is effective in model but the indicator of income cannot play the role of moderating.


Store space motivators, buyer behavior, demographics, indicators of emotional– Perceptual, sensory marketing.

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