Interpretation of Divine Attributes with regard to Mulla Sadrā's View

Sajad Zanganeh Tabar, Ghorban Elmi, Jafar Shah Nazari


God is regarded as the main axis and basis of religious teachings, since the fundamentals of religion especially monotheistic based religions are depended on the belief in God existence. The main problem which we are attempting to solve is the question of "whether God exists and if it is so, what kind of attributes is assigned to God?" Hence, most of the philosophical systems have focused on God and investigation of Divine attributes. Particularly, Islamic philosophers have paid much more attention to divine attributes, compared to other school of thoughts. For instance, in Mulla Sadras's philosophical system there are so many discussions focusing on the necessity of God existence and the glory and beauty of God. He also points out the especial position of God in Islamic philosophy system, in a way that, in most of Sadra's works, the masterpieces are about the nature, attributes, names and acts linked to God. In this brief research the main objective is to scrutinize the Sadra's view about knowing God, especially in terms of perfection attributes of God, which are based on theological and philosophical principles, so, we will observe the perfection attributes of God from Mulla Sadra's point of view.


Mulla Sadra, Divine Attributes, Knowledge, Power, Wisdom, Justice, and Eternity.

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