Examination of the information literacy of the bachelor students in Hamadan Medical University

Nafiseh Rezaei, Shahla Noornejad, Fahimeh Mahdipour


The main objective of this study is to examine the information literacy of students. In this study, students’ knowledge and use of information resources as well as the students’ skills in evaluating the usefulness of retrieved resources were evaluated. The results of this study might be effective in the improvement of curriculum of universities and lead to the development of researches in educational centers. The research method is of the survey and descriptive-analytical type. The data were collected using questionnaires. Research findings show that the mean opinion of the study population about the knowledge of the printed and electronic information resources and about using those resources are 38.3 and 16.3, respectively. Results of the examination of students’ skills in the evaluation of retrieved resources also indicate that only 9.12% of the study population has a high or very high level of skills in this area. According to the results, the hypothesis 1 (there is a significant difference between the various fields of the study population in terms of information literacy) was confirmed, and the hypothesis 2 (there is a significant difference between the information literacy of students and their gender) was rejected, and considering the obtained number (27.3), from the opinion of study population, about the knowledge and use of various information resources, the hypothesis 3 (the information literacy of the study population is low) was confirmed.


information literacy, bachelor students, Medical University.

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