Discourse of nationalism in Iran

Parviz Nikravesh, Edris Beheshti Nia


This article tries to develop the discourse of nationalism in Iran; in this article we're not studying the history of political and social developments in Iran, despite the importance that we attach to them. But our aim in this section is to mention the historical and genealogical considerations to the formation and articulation elements in Iran's traditional discourse.  And thereby pave the way for better understanding of the content in next section, the confrontation between the traditional discourse and the old order; we have to deal with modernity and its elements. The second article of this chapter draws on historical and analytical seek to show that how the discourse of modernity in the 19th century entered into political thought and practice of Iranians, and finally, the confrontation between traditional and modern discourse leads to the collapse of the old order and the establishment of constitutional discourse in contemporary Iran. In this era (Constitutional Era) intellectuals, clerics, businessmen and merchants fought for something that can be named different formulation of the traditional discourse but finally the constitution will be discussed that cannot overcome completely the traditional discourse to several reasons and restlessness of discourse of constitutional power leads to the formation of new dialogue (Pahlavism), in which nationalism had a certain sparkle so in summary, we in this essay, will study the characteristics of the traditional discourse  of Iran And then in the second speech the reform efforts are briefly explained that are the Iranian understanding of the backward and unfavorable situation in the world, in the next article of this section in order to follow up, in third speech, the discourse of nationalism in the vote and the opinions of intellectuals, who were the carriers of nationalist discourse in contemporary Iran, on the eve of the constitutional revolution.


Discourse, nationalism, old order, Iran.

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