The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Psychological Capital of Fathers with Happiness of High School Girls in Babol, Iran

Rafooneh Ghaffari Cherati, Tahmores Aqajani Hashtjin, Arsalan Khan Mohammadi


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between spiritual intelligence and psychological capital of fathers with happiness of high school girls in Babol, Iran. The methods in this study were functional, descriptive and correlation type. The study population included all high school girls in Babol, Iran, to the number of 11565 people who have been in the academic years of 2015-2016, and in this study the sample consisted of 372 students of high school girls in Babol, Iran, who was selected through multi-stage cluster sampling. Data collection tools were Oxford Happiness Inventory, psychological capital questionnaire of Luthans, spiritual intelligence questionnaire of Abdullah Zadeh et al. Pearson correlation coefficient, and stepwise multiple regression analysis was used to analyze the data, and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test was used for data normality. The results showed that high school girls who have earned more points in happiness, spiritual intelligence and psychological capital scores of their fathers were higher.


Spiritual Intelligence, Psychological Capital, Happiness.

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