Identifying and ranking factors determining Competitive Position in Financial services sector using AHP technique (Case study: Mellat Bank of Golestan province)

Masoumeh Rahdar, Ehsan Sadeh, Ehsan Sadeh, Ehsan Sadeh


 In recent years, banking industry has been so competitive and banks are faced with many challenges in providing products and banking services to customers. This study attempts to investigate financial services sector of Mellat bank of Golestan province in a qualitative and analytical hierarchical process framework in order to improve quality and competitive position. Due to the importance of this issue, competitive position criteria were first identified using the existing literature and experts' opinion and then they were weighted and prioritized using AHP model. Criteria examined in this study include effective service, innovative service, network, location and pricing, that were analyzed using analytical hierarchical process (AHP) technique. The research findings show that pricing criterion is identified as the most important factor in Mellat bank and then effective services, innovative service, location and network are in the second to fifth place. The results also show that loan interest is in the first place and then the deposit accounts and bank location are in the second and third place. The results of the research will help managers to focus on their decisions to improve their activities and performances in line with the company's future goals.



competitive position, service quality, effective service, innovative service, bank, analytical hierarchical process (AHP) technique.

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