Reviews the dominant approach to the curriculum of secondary teachers in the District 2 Education Isfahan in evaluation methods in academic year 2014-15

Azadeh Shahrbaf, Fazollah Yazdani


This study examines the dominant approach the District 2 Education Curriculum high school teachers in Isfahan in evaluation methods in academic year is 2014-15 .The methodology of the study is applied and descriptive data collection is the difference. The study population also included all high school teachers in Isfahan were the first District 2 Education Who benefit from simple random sampling method and sample volume determination formula contains 217 Teachers of the (79 females and 137 males) that are considered as the sample was taken. The research instrument was a questionnaire also categorized on the basis of curriculum-based classification approach Askayro (1992) has been proposed. To analyze the data, t-test and independent t-tests were used.

Results dominant approach in the evaluation methods teachers, scientific approach is academic and social reconstruction in three approaches, learner-centered social purpose and is lower than average and less interest in them.


Curriculum Development. Academic approach, Approach to social performance, Social reconstruction approach. Learner-centered approach.

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