Identification of Aspects and Components of Science Parks and investigating Their Relationship with the Development of Technology Based Firms in Alborz Province, Iran

Pari Bayat, Parisa Irannejad, Parisa Irannejad, Parisa Irannejad, Zahra Lebadi, Zahra Lebadi, Zahra Lebadi


The purpose of this study was to identify aspects and components of science parks and to investigate their relationship with the development of technology based firms (TBF). This study was a correlation-descriptive and the data was collected through field study. The population of this study was all experts who worked at science park of Alborz (N=100). The sample population was equal to the total population as a census was done in this study. Two questionnaires were designed by the author and reliability and validity of them were estimated. Second-order factor analysis was used to identify the components of science parks. Spearman and Pearson correlation were used to investigate the relationships and multiple regression analysis was used for prediction of variables. The results revealed that there is a direct and significant relationship between all components of science parks and development of TBFs. The results also showed that all components of science park can predict development of TBFs (P<0.05).


Science Park, Development of Technology Based Firms.

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