An Overview of Practicality in Iran Educational Framework

Jafar Entezari, Forud Gholami


This study aimed at finding practicality of educational framework in Iran from teacher's point of view. In order to find the answer, 10 Iranian male and female EFL teachers were chosen to be interviewed. The result of the interview showed that there is a gross distance between what syllabus says, what the students' need, and what the teachers is notable to say that since the participants of this study were few, a word of caution must be taken, if we want to generalize the results. To tell the fact the authors as teachers, as well as students in Iran educational framework have experienced this shortcoming. From teachers' point of view, to overcome this deficiency the cooperation among educational policy makers, syllabus designers, teachers and students is the corner stone.


practicality, educational framework, teachers' beliefs.

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