The Reforms in the Penal Policy in Justice System of Iran Concerning the Crime of Embezzlement

Saeedeh Taslim, Morteza Haghshenas


Embezzlement crimes against property and crimes against peace could be two aspects of the public, but to the conclusion that it is a criminal activity, as a crime against public tranquility forgery. Deceit, fraud, etc. is preferable. With all the problems that the law more severe penalties for the perpetrators of embezzlement there is the law of its kind in comparison with other similar laws, comprehensive and low forms, and perhaps for this reason that the legislator in law sanctions the new (adopted in 1375) clauses in the embezzlement changes embezzlement operate under other criminal charges of organizing or leading the network of corruption, prosecution and trial, although non-employee department and the leadership network, it is possible embezzlement. Sanctions are on four types of embezzlement. Prison (criminal sanctions original), fine (complete criminal sanctions), permanent dismissal (enforcement of employment) and restitution of embezzled property (civil remedies) that apply to the first two is possible when a person has committed, is not evidence of corruption on earth otherwise, he will be sentenced only to punish corruption on earth. Punishment, in each case, the General Court has jurisdiction.


embezzlement, justice system, reform in justice system, illegal seizure, fraud Reformations of the crime of embezzlement.

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