A Comparative Analysis of Self-Actualization, Risk Taking, Accountability and Happiness among Students with A/B Personality Types in Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz

Hengameh Sanjoori, Parviz Asgari


The current research seeks to present a comparative analysis of self-actualization, accountability, and happiness of the female and male students with the personality Types A/B studying in Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz. The sample size was 200 persons (100 with personality Type A, and 100 with personality Type B), which were selected using available sampling method. The research design is of a causal-comparative type, and the tools used include Ahvaz Self-Actualization Inventory (Esmaeil Khani, 2002), RezaKhani’s Risk Taking Inventory, Harrison Gough’s Accountability (1984), Oxford Happiness Inventory devised by Argyle, Martin & Crossland (1989). In addition, to determine personality Types A/B among the students, Type A/B Personality Inventory devised by Friedman and Rosenman (quoted from Baghiani Moghadam et al. 2003) was applied. An analysis of independent t-test and analysis of multivariate variance (MANOVA) showed that there is not any difference between Types A and B personalities in terms of self-actualization and accountability at the level of p<0.05. However, in terms of risk taking and happiness, there is a difference between Types A/B at the level p<0.05. 


Self-Actualization; Risk Taking; Accountability; Happiness; Personality Types A/B.

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