A hierarchical model of internal marketing as a reliable program to predict of nurse satisfaction and loyalty (Case Study of Mo'ayyeri Tehran hospital nurses)

Marziyeh Hosseini Kahdoei, Jalil Totonchi


The implementation of an internal marketing program can help education, motivation, guidance and lead to a higher level of employee performance and satisfaction. This study aimed to analyze and present a hierarchical internal marketing model and its impact on nurse's satisfaction and loyalty in Mo'ayyeri Tehran hospital.

Method: This research is objective and practical, in terms of data collection method. It is a descriptive survey and the type of data that were obtained by questionnaire were quantitative.

Populations of study were nurses of Tehran Mo'ayyeri Hospital. Total populations of study were estimated 280 in which 166 were determined based on Cochran formula and census sampling method. In order to determine the internal marketing, we used Forman (1998) Standard Questionnaire and in order to assess the job satisfaction, Minnesota standard questionnaire is used. Insaan Standard questionnaire was used to explore of nurse loyalty. Structural equation modeling was used to data analysis and test hypotheses of the study.

Result: results showed that all study hypotheses are confirmed. Internal marketing component includes nurses understanding of career prospects, nurses understanding of improvement. Career development, nurses understanding of job reward had significant impact on job satisfaction and loyalty.

Conclusion: Hierarchical internal marketing model can predict job satisfaction and loyalty of nurses.


Hierarchical internal marketing, nurse satisfaction, loyalty.

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