A Structural Model for Sustainable Urban Elements, Information Technology Use, and Cultural Communications in Tourism Industry

Fatemeh Adibi Sadinezhad


One of the most important spaces that are of interest to tourists is cities which are known as the centralized hub for tourism attraction.  Meanwhile, what can have very effective role in tourism development and tourist attraction are urban symbols and elements.  In this regard, paying attention to the urban elements and their design based on the principles of sustainability can create more attraction for tourists. In this study, we investigate the effects of urban elements on information technology use, and cultural communications in the tourism industry, and present a structural model for them by using structural equation modeling (confirmatory factor analysis and path analysis). Participants were Iranian Experts in the field of IT, tourism, and cultural sciences (N=60) selected from tourism organizations in Iran. Results of our hypothesized measurement models indicated the accuracy of studied parameters in measuring the studied factors and their significant estimates (t-value>1.96, p<0.05). Structural model of the study revealed that sustainable urban elements has significant effects on information technology use, and cultural communications of tourists (p<0.01).


tourism industry, information technology, and cultural communications, sustainable urban elements.

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