Interactive role of psychological and demographic factors, marital satisfaction and level of education, a Communication Plan

Alma Azarian, Fataneh Fatahi Fatlaki, Elahe Nouri


Introduction: Couple education and its impact on marital satisfaction is seen as an important issue and sometimes challenging Objective: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between level of education and marital satisfaction of Rezvanshahr city of Gilan province couples. Method: A cross-sectional study in a causal-comparative design was done on a sample of 100 people both men and women. (n=100) in 20016. For subject selection, random sampling was used, Due to the nature of research survey  as the data collection method was used .And for data gathering Enrich questionnaire (response rate = 93%) and the educational demographic index checklist was used. As well as the data were analyzed by t-test and Pearson's correlation. Results: The data analysis showed that there is a significant relationship between educational level and marital satisfaction of couples (r= 0.34, p <0.05). The results also revealed that there are significant differences between men and women in marital 


Marital satisfaction, level of education, couples.

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