The relationship between irrational beliefs, expression of anger and optimism in students of Islamic Azad University- Kish Island, Iran

Nasrin Bakhshi, Batool Pashang, Marjan Hossein Zade Taqvai


Purpose: The purpose of present study was to determine the relationship between irrational beliefs, anger expression and optimism among students in Islamic Azad University of Kish branch.

 Method: This study was a descriptive study. Statistical population included all students of Islamic Azad University of Kish branch, among which 100 subjects were selected as sample by convenience sampling method and responded to Jones`s Irrational beliefs questionnaire, Spielberger’s anger control test and optimism test of  LOT (Life Orientation Test ).

 Results: Multivariate regression analysis showed that the higher the irrational beliefs and anger expression of students is, the less their optimism will be. Also, the variables of helplessness in the face of change and emotional irresponsibility can predict optimism in students. In addition, the variables of helplessness in the face of change and trouble 


anger control, irrational beliefs, optimism.

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