The Disruption of Space and Identity in Schizophrenic Experience

Amina Klibi, Riadh Ben Rejeb


The present paper aims to closely consider the notions of ‘’space’’ and ‘’identity’’ from two different perspectives of the human experience. We are most of all interested in the psychological realm to which we devote the major part. As such we intend to define a brain disorder known as schizophrenia in light of the duality of ‘space and identity’. We consider aspects of the deterioration of these notions that interact to further accentuate the breakdown of the patient diagnosed with the disease. These notions can be altered by factors that are not essentially biological or psychological. We argue that technology does also interfere to rework these notions as such bringing about a less rigorous effect but, still, triggering a less balanced human experience to dwell. This does not entail the onset of schizophrenia. However, it may lay behind other psychological problems. These may share to some extent a fragmented character that turns out to reveal aspects of a schizophrenic nature.



Identity, Internet Technology, Schizophrenia, Space

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