De-colonizing the British ex-colonies: The Demise of the British Empire through the subaltern voices in Time For A Tiger and The Jewel in The Crown

Hayfa Cheneni


The demise of the British Empire led many novelists and critics to try to dig deep into the stories of the unheard voices of the ex-colonized countries to trigger the truth about colonization and more importantly (de)colonization as being put into question. In fact, the British withdrawal from India and later on from Malaya and Pakistan formed a radical change in the world map and led to a sense of nostalgia for the loss of power. Fiction played a substantial role in unveiling the truth about the dark sides of the (de)colonized nations.  Furthermore, novelists tried to shed light on the subaltern and give them space to speak about their stories; the stories that could not find a place in official history. Indeed, post-colonial novelists tried to narrate the nation through the voices of ordinary people in order to elucidate their suffering and their struggle whether physical, mental, or emotional.


decolonization, British colonies, empire, post-colonial, subaltern, Literature, history, mise en intrigue, metaphor.

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