The importance of metaphorical principles and the extension of their role in Arabic poetry

Mohammed Maztouri


The research aims to trace the metaphorical origins and their impact on Arabic poetry from the pre-Islamic era to the modern period. The research does not claim to provide all the details, as that is a difficult matter when it comes to extensive texts and long periods. However, it aims to achieve a general understanding of the characteristics of these metaphorical origins and explain their impact on Arabic poetry. The spread of this effect, the intertwining of ancient and contemporary poets’ perception of it, and the convergence of their understanding of it, despite the apparent differences in its use based on diversification of the forms of its expression in poetry. In some of its phases, the research analyzes examples of ancient and modern Arabic poetry to show the features of investing these metaphorical origins in the procedural aspect.

The most important target of the research is to explain the spread of Arabic poetry and its constituent elements, then to confirm that this poetry is one despite the multiple aspects of its representation in poetry and that the divergence of times and different frameworks did not eliminate the foundations of this poetry, but rather it is a process of accumulation and enrichment throughout the long times of Arabic poetry. The research ranges between theoretical sides and procedural aspects.

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