Prosperity Gospel Preaching and its Implications on National Developments

Ogunlusi Clement Temitope


The paper examined prosperity gospel preaching or teaching and its implications on national developments. It discussed its historical origin and noted that it was birthed in the USA and since the seventies now spreading in the Nigerian Pentecostal churches and society like wildfire. The information for the study was derived from primary and secondary sources. However, the paper showed that most scriptural references made in support of prosperity teachings are placed out of context, thus, giving a false impression and interpretation of what the Bible really teaches. The findings of the work indicated that prosperity teachings in a way give one a sense of hope, direction, and reassurance that the life one life can get better if one can only apply certain biblical principles correctly. Equally, it was observed that the prosperity preachers or teachers are quite correct in pointing believers to God and the wonderful promises made in his word in order to get their needs met. However, many of these preachers have turned the table of the gospel around for self or selfish advantages and thereby impoverishing their congregation more rather than improving their lots. This in turn has reduced the capacity of the people and thereby affected national developments in terms of socio-economic, psycho-spiritual, and physical developments. The mind of many Nigerians has so much been corrupted to pursue wealth at the expense of the things of God which has eternal values. Hence, the work recommended that the focus of gospel preachers today should rather address the soteriology of man. This is because most Christians today are not only a disappointment to the church but to the nation as a whole.


Prosperity, National Development, Gospel, Preaching, Church.

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