Does Nigeria Need the Office of the First Lady?

Adebukola Foluke Osunyikanmi


Modern democracies often have the president's consort addressed as the First Lady.  As soon as the president is inaugurated, his wife begins to run the Office of the First Lady. The functions performed by the First Lady vary from one country to the other. Some First Ladies are very moderate and decent. Others are very despicable. Cases have been reported wherein some First Ladies carry out their activities with impunity, yet there are others who treat their fellow citizens decently. It is also common in third-world democracies to see some First Ladies converting national assets for personal gratification.


In view of the foregoing, this study is being undertaken to investigate if Nigerians feel that their country needs the Office of the First Lady. In addition, it will go further to identify measures to be introduced in order to prevent First Ladies from being lawless.

This study will utilize primary data obtained from a survey that will cover the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. The study will provide useful guidance for the development of an appropriate model for the Office of the First Lady in Nigeria. The paper will close with findings and conclusions.



First Lady, Bureaucracy, Public Administration, Government Ethics, Advocacy.

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