The poem "Argument" or the parable that unveils the original Argument for white hegemony from the beginning to today

Zouankouan Stephane Beugre


This paper reveals through the study of the poem entitled "Argument" by Langston Hughes, the original argument underlying the hegemony of white people over other races and in particular over black people. It unveils this thesis, this argument, this deep thought which underlies or justifies the birth, existence, manifestation, and evolution of the hegemony of white people over other races or other peoples. It is first of all through a stylistic and hermeneutical study of this poem and its content that we could appreciate the parable and the metaphor included in this poem and which teaches us the deep thought that white people have about their race but also the deep thought that white people have about other races. The theory of Marxism has allowed us to understand the desire for domination and supremacy over other peoples hidden by this theory of white hegemony and the racial order it imposes. It should also be emphasized that white people's hegemony has as direct consequences as an imperialist hegemony of white people, a capitalist hegemony of white people, and a materialist hegemony of white people throughout the world and especially in the black world, especially in Africa. Because human relations are henceforth and forever determined and characterized by the theory of white people hegemony and the following racial order of human existence: "White is right", "Yellow mellow" and "Black, get back!" 


original Argument, hegemony, white people hegemony, racial classification, human relations, races, superior, inferior, domination

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