Religion and State in the Literature of Ideological Islam: Perspectives and Crises

Mbarek Hamdi


This approach focused on the perceptions produced by the movements of ideological Islam: the political, the partisan, and the Jihad in the relationship between religion and the state as well as the resulting issues and problems, some of which relate to the foundations of the legitimacy of the state and some revolve around its values. In addition to analyzing these perceptions, our view focused on understanding their causes and stating the dilemmas in which they have fallen, which made the efforts of these movements tense in their relationship with the existing nation-state, or failed when they gained power. A portion of our effort was devoted to examining the view of those who believe that the state of believers advocated by ideological Islam currents is a state that is not only unrealistic, but also untenable, and that, for this reason, it produces nothing but destructive fatal illusions. We also aim to clarify these views to understand some issues and attitudes, to locate them historically, and to recall the conditions under which they were crystallized.


state, religion, ideology, governance, caliphate.


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