Cultural and Religious Rituals of Gestation and Child Birth of Muslims of Malabar: a Textual and Sociological Perspective

Mohamed Rafeek KP


Rites and rituals related to major events of human life like birth, marriage and death are prevalent from the infancy of the human race in the world. The celebration of suchlike events varies as well as conforms in relation to the region, religion, language, class, caste and gender. In all communities around the world the birth of a child is considered a blessing and ceremonies are held to celebrate this event.  It seems like a moment of joy and happiness in the life of spouses and family members and they share it with their relatives and colleagues. However, the celebrations regarding the birth of a child are conducted in multiple ways according to time and space. During Post and pre-delivery periods of pregnancy, a woman is also going through certain rites and rituals in various societies and religions. Here I try to scrutinize the major celebrations, rites and rituals of the pre and post-delivery period of a woman and childbirth in a middle-class Muslim family of Malabar through the textual narrations and sociological interpretations.


rituals, childbirth, Malabar, Muslims

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