A Comparative Study on People-Friendly Urban Landscapes in the Walkways of Chaharbagh in Isfahan and Qianmen Street in Beijing

Sina Razzaghi-Asl, Saeideh Rahmani


Planning and designing a walkway will be successful when, in addition to physical factors, the social and cultural conditions and even psychological and behavioral patterns of citizens are taken into consideration. The goal of this paper is to discover the most important people-friendliness qualities in the urban landscape of the axes of Qianmen Street in Beijing and Chaharbagh in Isfahan. Hence, the research method is based on field observations. The axes of Qianmen and Chaharbagh streets have been studied based on the field data of a list of collected observations including the most important qualities mentioned by experts in the literature. The literature analyzed with the aid of thematic content analysis, and the most important quality criteria of urban landscape in the two axes have been extracted. Finally, based on a comparative approach, practical strategies have been presented to convert Chaharbagh Abbasi Avenue in Isfahan into a people-friendly walkway.

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