Creativity and self-esteem of staffs in Medical Sciences University Mazandaran

Jamshid Yazdani Charati, Maryam Motamedi Joybari, Saied Mahmood Hoseini Ashlaghi, Mohammad Ali Heidari Gorji


Background: Creativity and creative talents of the man behind the quality of development and requires extensive efforts in various aspects is particularly self-esteem. The goal of this present research is the relationship between self-esteem with creativity amount of staff Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.

Materials and Methods: The research method was descriptive and from correlation type. Among the 1051 cases, staffs Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences  281 as the sample were selected by stratified random sampling method.

Results: This study showed self-esteem fluency was 0/876, initiative 0/984, flexibility 0/630, expansion 0/983 has a significant positive relationship.
Conclusion: Our findings showed increased self-esteem, creativity indicators of a fluid sense of initiative, flexibility and expansion will also increase 


self-esteem, fluid, initiative, flexibility, expansion, creativity.

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