The Relationship between Family Functioning, Achievement Motivation and Rational Decision-making Style in Female High School Students of Tehran, Iran

Hassan Asadzadeh Dahraei, Effet Adlparvar


Family is the first school that an individual experiences and it has the highest share in determining the influential factors that have effect on an individual’s behavior. One of the aspects of family functioning that emerges in children’s scholastic performances is the motivation for academic achievement which can be caused by healthy family functioning and factors such as individual, intrinsic and extrinsic factors. In this study, 180 female high school students of Tehran, Iran were selected through cluster random sampling method and they were provided with questionnaires related to family functioning (Bloom’s test), achievement motivation (Herman’s test) and decision-making style (Scott and Bruces’ test). Based on study objectives, hypothesis and test scores, a significant positive relationship between family functioning, achievement motivation and rational decision-making style was found. Our results revealed that family functioning plays a crucial role in increasing self-esteem, achievement motivation and creating a rational style of decision making in children.

Keywords: Family Functioning, Achievement Motivation, Rational Decision-making Style.


Family Functioning; Achievement Motivation;Rational Decision-making Style

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