Principles of Designing Optimized Dwelling Apartments in Small Scale

Omid Heydaripour, Shiva Toomani



As the title shows, the purpose if the paper is to study dwelling physical element in apartment scale. Today high mass of residential zones and high price of land leads the employers and users to residential architecture. Apartment life creates an undeniable situation for human beings of which we can point out chances and threats for residents. Unfortunately compact structure of big cities and lack of land along with financial issues and growing needs of users to dwellings and also inconformity of dwelling structure with today’s life, and also high physical and social price leads to denial of the identity of dwelling. Also scales of apartment units is decreasing by sharp increase of condense and high price of land in center of big cities. This fact reveals the importance of exact structure for apartment in small scale. The purpose of this research is to reach at principles of designing optimized dwelling in large scale by taking into account factors such as society, family and individuals. This article by studying revenues needed in each section, along with using questionnaire and by conforming residents in small scale, gets closer to the proposed principle of optimizing apartment in small scale.3 main principles for optimizing apartment in small scale are: contracting, applicability,  flexible furniture and glassines.


Optimized Dwelling, Apartment, Physical Elements, Function, Flexible Furniture, Transparency

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