Development of managers' competencies model in knowledge based organizations by AHP and TOPSIS

Mohsen Ebrahimi, Mohsen Varmazyar


In today's knowledge-based economic, R&Ds management should be considered as one of the main source of competitive advantage in various industries. According importance of research institute of petroleum industry as a main research center and knowledge based organization in Iran, in this article we tried to develop a valid competency model for selecting strategic business unit (SBU) managers in this organization. With reviewing human resource management literature, competency model was selected as a valid framework for selecting people in various jobs. After reviewing literature and by usage of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) technique, weight (importance) of each three dimensions of competency i.e. knowledge, skills and personality of a SBU manager were determined. After reviewing literature and analyzing SBU manager job, skills and knowledge required were identified and big five personal traits was employed for identifying required personality traits. In the following, all competencies in each category were ranked by usage of Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS). Suggested competency model will be a valid tool in order to select and develop SBU managers in this organization.


Competency, R&D management, Skill, knowledge, Objective Traits;

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