Quand : Valeurs Et Accessibilité Référentielles

Abdallah Terwait


The objective of this article is to analyze and verify the following structure: Quand (When) P,Q , the sequence Quand P could introduce a referent. From this perspective, it is important to note the several studies focused on the possible equivalence between the subordinate clauses introduced by Quand and the adverbs having a temporal reference in order to put the stress on the distinctive feature of Quand in referential expressions. This particular nature emanates essentially from the capacity of  Quand to introduce a referent that serves as a temporal anchorage point in the interpretation of Quand. In view of the above, we will be led to discuss the nature of the referent introduced by the above cited conjunction in order to summarize the referential specificities of Quand when it is placed in a front position. The first part of this work, there will be a lot of food for thought concerning the different ideas related to the referential characteristics of Quand.


Quand, adverbs, temporal reference, anchorage.

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