Distorsions morphosyntaxiques et sémantiques comme marque de résistance dans les œuvres de zadizaourou : l’exemple de L’œil et La Tignasse

Olilo Marie Angèle


 La Tignasse and L’œil of Bernard ZadiZaourou'sare characterized by a variety of languages which are written on the margins of syntactic and semantic standards. By focusinghiswritings on thisvariety of languages, the authorintends to convey a precise message: to account for the reality of the language practices of speakers according to the environments in whichtheyevolve and to express hisdisapproval of thislinguistic system which obscures the identity of africans. The practice of normative and pragmatic grammar analysis methods makes it possible to show how the writer describes the linguistic situation of the common people; how it fits into a vision allowing to bring to light the local languages which it considers as having to appear in literary works of French expression.



resistance, distortions, norm, morphosyntax, semantics.

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