Shadi Abdessalem: Le Tout en Un

Feten Ridene Raissi



‘The historical movie presents the bedrock of all the other arts’

Shadi Abdessalem

Interview with the Egyptian TV Réf.4


Shadi Abdessalam is, at the same time: cineaste, historian, educator, designer, decor advisor, pharaonic garments’ stylist, and painter; which leads any researcher, who aims to study his case, to be lost between those titles, in order to choose the most adequate one, which describes and recognises, all that Shadi Abdessalam has afforded, as an artistic history, to his beloved homeland: Egypt. Thus, due to his multi qualities, we decided to label this essay, Shadi Abdessalem: An all in one.


Shadi Abdessalem, Mommy (The), Ikhnaton, Pharaoh, Cinema, Egypt.

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