Attributive Words Used in Tourism Online News

Lisetyo - Ariyanti


 This research has presented the use of attributive words in tourism online news in Indonesia that is The research questions are what are the attributive words used in Tourism Media Online and how do attributive words contribute to the Tourism Media Online.  The attributive words were analyzed based on the theory from Huddleston & Pullum (2005), Huddleston (1984), and Yule (2014); while the attributive functions were based on Kullenberg (2016). The research method was qualitative method since the data being analyzed in the words and sentences form, and the results were elaborated based on the form of words and sentences. The results show that there are three forms of attributive words, they are attributive adjective, attributive noun, and attributive verb. Those three attributive forms are contributed by four attributive functions, they are classifiers, identifiers, descriptors, and stipulators. Each function has different forms that specify into conceptual and communicative purpose. The interesting result has found that there are two specific cases, they are a syntactical case of compound attributive words and stipulator function marker. The syntactical case is found in the attributive words that have sub-referential words and main referential words. The second finding is related to how the stipulators are complied with by one attributive function.



referential words, attributive words, attributive functions

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