National Security and Role of Ingos / Ngos in Pakistan

Mubeen Rafay, Nadeem Khan, Shahzad Ahmad


In Pakistan dramatically International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) & Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have proliferated and are under the scrutiny of Government, civil society and media. Sometimes they play an important role to overcome the threats and challenges to governance and National security. The increasing number of INGOs / NGOs in Pakistan is attributed to the absence of governance and is considered as the main cause of Government failure and the rise of militancy. The spread of INGOs / NGOs and simultaneously militancy/terrorism in Pakistan has been seen by many Pakistanis as a complementary phenomenon. This study examines the adverse role of INGOs / NGOs in Pakistan and the prevalent practices and attitudes towards their accountability and legitimacy. It reflects as to how INGOs / NGOs can become vital social organizations, or conversely, a security risk and support for their missions. It provides an understanding as to what this sector is up to and concurrently suggests measures for its efficacy in Pakistan.



INGOs; NGOs; Government; Security; Terrorism.  

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