Electrification décentralisée : Tendances technologiques et enjeux d’adaptation dans le Département de l’Alibori au Bénin

Hubert Frédéric GBAGUIDI


Access to energy is a universal right whose enjoyment is an essential factor in development. But the heavy investment required to develop an electricity network limits public policies in the provision of this public service. In the department of Alibori in Benin, the geographical extent and isolation of the localities and the low density of the population are constraints that do not promote investment for the development of the public service. Since then, many technological solutions have been developed to supplement the conventional service. The present study case has therefore dissected the range of supply in terms of decentralized technologies, showing not only comparative advantages but also limits. On the basis of this result, measures have been recommended to ensure the sustainability of investments in these localities outside the public service.


infrastructure sustainability, renewable energy, essential services, photovoltaic solar, decentralised energy, organizational innovation

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