The Silent Text: Symbolism amidst Political Disillusionment in Luangala's On a Campaign Trail

Gankhanani Moffat Moyo


The paper discusses symbolism in John Luangala’s short story ‘On a Campaign Trail’. It begins with an examination of symbolism and how it is employed in literary texts. The work then focuses on the short story and identifies that symbolism has been employed in two ways: firstly the text as a symbol and secondly individual symbols are in the text. While the text as a symbol has been tied to the author of the work, the other two symbols are physical items identified in the text. The two identified symbols have also been seen to have multiple interpretations subjected to them. It has finally been concluded that the symbols employed by Luangala are centred on showing how much the author is disillusioned with modern-day politics.


symbolism, politics, literature, society.

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