The Emergence and the Use of Indigenous Tanzanian Music traditions in Christian Worship in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kassomo Mkallyah


This paper discusses delineates how indigenous music traditions were introduced and eventually became the main staple of Dar es Salaam-based Christian churches in Tanzania. It argues that cultural revivalism of indigenous forms of music in church helped to transform Christian worship, shape people’s experiences and spread the church in general. It begins by establishing the functions of music in traditional pre-colonial contact African societies and during the introduction of Western Christian faith. Moreover, it shows how the new Christian faith, in turn, also shapes the music traditions in contemporary Christian worship in Tanzania. Finally, the paper discusses the extent to which this music brings new changes in contemporary Christian churches in Dar es Salaam.



indigenous music tradition, Christian church worship, indigenous, Tanzanian music traditions, cultural revivalism, Tanzanian music, Tanzanian church music.

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