The Warning Messages of DuPrau’s Novel The City of Ember and Kenan’s Film Adaptation with Reference to the Theory of Conspiracy

Mayada Zuhair, Ansam Yaroub


The city of Ember is a very interesting novel that is although intended for young readers, have so many layers and messages that are misunderstood. In this research, both the novel and the film adaptation are studied with the intent to decode the warning messages that the novelist and the director tried to introduce to the audience. The research studies four vital messages; the first message is that history repeats itself for the novel has many allusions to the history of Jews and their painful holocaust and even goes back in history to the days of Moses and the Exodus, the second message tackles the conspiracy theory that states nothing happens by accident and that everything is planned by thesecret societies the Freemasons hence comes the third message of the New World Conspiracy incarnated in the film adaptation of the novel. Finally, the fourth messages come as a rather dark omen, Man's internal fear of the end whether the religious end represented by the apocalypse or the scientific end and the expiry of the earth. Since the novel is for young readers, the author provided a silver lining at the final message stating people always find a solution for all their problems in spite of the chronic fear.  

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