Voices, Looks and School Experiences of Young People in Situation of Deprivation of Liberty

Kátia Aparecida da Silva Nunes Miranda, Solange Maria de Barros


The present study aims at presenting part of a research, carried out with young people in situation of deprivation of liberty, students of the State School Meninos do Futuro, located in the Socio-educational Center of Cuiabá – Pomeri/MT. The theoretical-methodological dialogue that the Critical Realism (BHASKAR, 1998) maintains with the Critical Discourse Analysis (FAIRCLOUGH, 2001; 2003), and the Representation of Social Actors (VAN LEEUWEN, 1997; 2008), brought significant contributions to the accomplishment of this study. It is a qualitative research of ethnographic nature. The analyzes clarified through written production and interviews, the relevance of the school, rapport with teachers and meaningful learning. The school proves to be an institution which contributes to humanization and emancipation, providing conditions for social inclusion.


Young people, Deprivation of liberty, Public school.

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