Audio visual Translation: a Case of Subtitled Cartoons

Hooshang Khoshsima, MasoumehYazdani Moghadam


Audiovisual products in different languages are now widely distributed throughout the world, and subtitling as a branch of audiovisual translation is of considerable importance today. Subtitling of foreign cartoon movies into Persian is a new event in our country and it needs to be studied thoroughly. The aim of the study was to find  the most common strategies adopted in animated movies subtitled from English to Persian based on Gottlieb( 1994)’s strategies. To achieve this goal, three subtitled cartoon movies namely Merry Madagascar, Up and Cloudy with the Chance of Meatball were selected and fifteen sentences of them were chosen at random. Then, these sentences were compared with their Persian subtitle. The results indicated that transfer strategy was applied with the highest frequency in the Persian subtitle.


Audio-visual translation, Cartoon, English language, Persian subtitle, Strategies, Subtitle.

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