Developing Administrative Performance of School Principals in Dhofar Governorate from the Viewpoints of Teachers

Abdelkader Mohamed El-Sayed, Khalid Muslem Al Mashikhi Al Mashikhi, Fatma Mostaheel Al Kithiri


     The study aimed to develop the administrative performance of School Principals in Dhofar Governorate from the viewpoints of teachers. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive approach was used through the use of the questionnaire as a main tool, which included 37 paragraphs divided into five areas related to the administrative functions of the school principal. The validity of the questionnaire was verified by the sincerity of the arbitrators; its stability was verified by using the Alpha-Cronbach stability factor (97%).The final questionnaire was applied to a random sample of 278 teachers in Dhofar schools. The data were analyzed and processed statistically using the (SPSS) program. The study found that the school principals in Dhofar governorate perform their administrative duties to a great extent. It also recommended that the Ministry of Education had to grant managers international and local renewable licenses at least every four years, and study the problems faced by school principals during their work and try to overcome them.


Development, Administrative Performance, Schools Principals, Dhofar governorate, Teachers.

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