Three Types of Understanding of a Text

Nezaket Aslan Hasanova


There is described and explained notion and definition of the word “understanding”, typology of understanding the text, three types of understanding, their mutual relations and differences, reflection, etc. in the article. For the learning questions of understanding the text, everybody must first study the reflection. Each type of understanding is organized from a typologically appropriate reflective material. Reflection can exist in the removed form, since the text material has already become understandable. If understanding is done for the first time, then reflection is necessary.

The typology of understanding of the text is the only way to show how the taxonomic model of understanding the text interacts with a hierarchically constructed model of the language personality and other similar models.There are included three types of understanding to the typology of understanding of the text: semantizing, cognitive and discriminant. These three types of understanding allow a person to learn all three types of situations represented in the texts by symbolic situations (semantizing understanding), object-reality situations (cognitive understanding) and ideal-reality situations (discriminant understanding), which lies at the basis of the rule of principle conceptual clarity of the text. At the end, we want to note that typology of understanding the text should be the first step in the direction of right understanding. But it should not be forgotten that understanding cannot be taught, it can be learned.



understanding, semantic perception, cognitive understanding, discriminant understanding, semantizing understanding, interpretation, typology of understanding.

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