Addressing Time Shortage with Microteaching

Bahra Taib Rashid


This study presents and evaluates the methodology used in the ninety minutes macro-teaching lesson, which was carried out on a group of my fourth year students who are studying English in the university and are training to become English teachers. It aims to assess the role of the teacher, students, materials and activities used in the classroom and also to address the time shortage with microteaching.

It deals with a brief overview of the topic and the class that the lesson is aimed at. Then, the methodology includes details about the method that has been used here, which is based on communicative language teaching (CLT) with the justifications of using it. This is followed by analysing the key features of the lesson plan critically and justifies each activity. Finally, the evaluation of the lesson is presented and microteaching as the best solution and strategy of developing teaching skill has been suggested. 


microteaching, training, lesson plan, CLT, feedback

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