Communication Strategies and Gender Differences; A case study

Momen Yaseen M.Amin


 In second language acquisition (SLA) the use of communication strategies (CSs) has been of interest on research, since it can help learners to attain mutual comprehension effectively. Also communicative strategies contribute to second language acquisition as play a significant role in communication.

The overall aim of this study is to investigate and clarify a wide range of communication strategies that learners in different gender of English use to solve language problems as well as to facilitate problem-free discourse in their oral communication.

Two learners (male-female) of English were paired up in describing six pictures as a part of communication that they had and the interview were analyzed with the Nakatani’s (2006) factors of oral communication strategies (CSs).

    In the results of this study I investigated that learners used (CSs) differently in audio-video interviews, to continue the communications. 


Communication Strategies, SLA, Gender Differences.

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