Analyzing the Effect of Consumers’ Perception of Brand Personality on Purchase Intention (Case study: Maz Maz Company)

Kamran Kalantari, Farzaneh Khalili


Brands that are considered as companies’ intangible assets have an important role in companies’ development and profitability processes. Now, brand differentiation process is considered as an important strategy in unfair competitions of markets. Therefore, an efficient practical solution can be used to distinguish one brand from other brands using personality brand. Considering the difficulties in the process of identifying the role of Maz Maz Company’s trade mark (brand), the recent research analyzes the effect of consumers’ perception of brand personality on purchase intention focusing on some basic factors such as awareness, loyalty, preference, recommendation, and purchase intention. The researchers have used structural modeling to report the results. This descriptive research has used a causal-comparative method. Furthermore, library and field research methods and a questionnaire have been used to gather data. All the consumers of Maz Maz Company in Tehran (2015) are considered as the research participants. The statistical sample has been analyzed using Cochran’s formula. The recent research has used Cronbach's alpha and content-related validity to identify the validity of the questionnaire. Also, both SPSS and AMOS software programs have been used in data analysis process. According to the fact that all the hypotheses are acceptable using correlation test and structural modeling, it is not logical to reject the main hypothesis. In other words, consumers’ perception of brand personality has a positive and significant effect on purchase intention. 


advisor, attitudinal loyalty, awareness, brand personality, preference, purchase intention

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