L’organisation entrepreneuriale: Existe-t-il un seul modèle?

Mohamed Taher Kraima


Why do two companies run by their managers show a diversity of styles of coordination and structural characteristics? Does running a business and coordinating its activities report some components of its organizational structure?
In this paper, the author has not studied the influence of the personal choice of entrepreneurs, but only emphasized the analysis of one of the variables (company size) called for by Mintzberg contingency factors (size, age and environment). Those variables influence the business organization. The author adds another factor that of supervision ratios, that is to say the existence of supervisors or employees with the entrepreneur. The objective of the article is to answer the following question: What explains in a company run by its entrepreneur, the diversity of characteristics of the organizational structure?

Conversely to, therefore, the unique model of entrepreneurial organization presented by Mintzberg (1990, 1982), the author assumes in this paper that another model may be developed based on several variables including what Mintzberg elaborated.


organizational structure, entrepreneurial organization, entrepreneur .

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